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3900 Westerre Parkway, Suite 300

Richmond, VA  23233


Paperless Processing Center
We boast a completely paperless process in order to get your documents where they need to be as quick as possible.

Closing Flexibility
We conduct settlements with insured & background screened notaries in every county in Virginia with no additional costs. We can close Virginia loans at our local office, your home, your office, or other location in any county or state that you may be visiting and have even closed loans internationally.  We can close loans as early as 5am and as late as 11pm and are here to service you efficiently.

Turn Times
Our turn times for binders, HUD’s, closing packages, etc.are twice as fast as the ​competition.

Flat Rate Fee
We charge one simple flat Settlement Fee per file.  We don’t charge for additional overnight packages or for incoming or outgoing wire transfers.  We even wire loan proceeds to you for FREE!

Why Choose HLZ Title & Escrow?


We know the key to a successful real estate transaction is communication.  Our full time staff is able to respond to emails, phone calls and texts immediately.  They also provide updates to all parties involved in the transaction along they way from when the title was ordered to when the funds are disbursed.

Free Title Searches
​We offer complimentary title searches for properties without contract for help with negotiations.